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Silicone Cleaning Squeegee Handle Floor Window Washing Mops Hair Dust Cleaner.

Silicone Cleaning Squeegee Handle Floor Window Washing Mops Hair Dust Cleaner.

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Floor, window squeegee multi task with carpet and hard wood floor

Size:35/52cm wide,100cm long

Material:Plastics+Stainless steel+Silastical bar

Package Includes:

1* mop with a hook/

1* mop with a replacing silicone strip and a hook/

1* mop with 2 replacing silicone stripsand a hoo

ransform your cleaning routine with the Magic Brooms Silicone Cleaning Squeegee Handle! Easily sweep away hair and dust from floors and windows, leaving them sparkling clean in minutes. Say goodbye to time-consuming and back-breaking scrubbing, and hello to a more efficient and effortless cleaning experience.


1.After removing stains and impurities on the surface, the floor can restore its original luster, making the entire room look brighter and cleaner.

2.After scraping off the surface wear layer, the impact resistance of the floor can be increased, making it more durable and extending its service life.

3.After removing stains on the floor, it can improve the anti slip performance of the floor, reduce the risk of slipping for family members, and improve residential safety.

5.After removing stains from the floor, the cleaning of the floor surface is more convenient and efficient, which can reduce the time and energy costs of subsequent maintenance.

6.Scraping off surface stains and wear layers on the floor can make the appearance of the floor more beautiful, bringing a more comfortable and warm feeling to the entire room

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